My JAW DROPPED when Silver did this..

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18 thoughts on “My JAW DROPPED when Silver did this..

  1. Happy new years! This year is going to be AMAZING! I’m so excited to share it with you all! Keep stacking my friends!
    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying Silver from Miles Franklin, just send an email to [email protected] ask what they have in stock! Make sure you let them know Slayer sent you! They will love to hear it & also supports me for free!

  2. If we have a huge recession all price predictions are off I can see the banks forecast @24 at the end of the year is not far fetched just a observation the price from end of last year to end of this year was about the same look at the chart if it crashes though because of bad economic conditions then I will buy 1 kilo or more of bars lower premium

  3. Slayer, you keep siting Saudi Arabia as the S in BRICS, but it’s actually South Africa. Saudi Arabia has recently signed on to the group, but they are not part of the original set.

  4. China is holding 1 trillion dollars of American debt. We’ve devalued the dollar enormously since 2008. Wouldn’t surprise me if China dumped our debt in 2023. That would put Silver on the road to $100 and $4K gold.

  5. I can hope it stays below $25 so my little stack can grow faster at $35 it will still grow just a bit slower

  6. I think that silver will be over $40 per oz by the end of 2023…maybe even more esp if the war in the Ukrain continues & inflation hits 9-10% as expected. Going to be a very interesting year. All I can really say is that I am in the UK & stacking as much silver & gold as I can afford & as fast as I can. Good luck all. 😎

  7. Wag the dog is a representation of the war, has one pic been from Ukraine nope. Reverse image proves that. Watch the movie wag the dog.

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