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Everyone celebrates New Year, no matter where you come from.

New Year comes with new opportunities. People and Brands want to introduce their products and services to you. That is natural. Some however do not take the time to find out what the business is all about or may have heard about it and may not want to give it attention.

Nevertheless, you should avoid using these phrases when you are shown a business opportunity in the New Year.

  1.  I DON’T HAVE MONEY. In my country, there is always the ready-made excuse that January is a school fees month and because of the spending on the festivities, people have become broke. Don’t curse yourself! We all have money. You can simply say that you have your list of priorities or tell the person you are not ready yet. Avoid using the phrase: I don’t have money!
  2. I WILL THINK ABOUT IT. What are you thinking about? After the person has elaborated on the advantages of the business opportunity, you should make up your mind if you are interested or not. Some opportunities need chewing over in your mind but don’t keep the marketer waiting. Stop posting and wasting his or your time. How long do you have to think: a day, a week, a month, a year? Make up your mind. It is either a yea or nay.
  3. IT IS A SCAM! Not all online or offline business opportunities are scams. When you are introduced to an opportunity, simply check it out. Make your research before dismissing the opportunity! People have thrown away promising and life-changing opportunities by calling it a scam. 
  4. I CANNOT DO IT! Sure you can if you give it a try! Some are not ready to test the waters just because they are close-minded! If you are not ready to work the work, then be ready for poverty ahead.
  5. I DON’T HAVE TIME! Come on! We cannot spend 24 hours only sleeping and waking. It has been broken down. Eight hours for sleeping; eight hours for spending time with family and friends and eight hours for working. Even if you don’t have so much time, you can plan out your time.

2023 is another year for elevation. Learn to open your New Year with positive phrases.

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