Pass AAT Using Accounting Software FIRST TIME!

My leading ideas to ensure that you pass the AAT Using Accounting Software Exam FIRST TIME!

6 thoughts on “Pass AAT Using Accounting Software FIRST TIME!

  1. Nick, you need a reality check. There is insufficient time to do this assessment properly. You seem to overlook the fact that we are students. I’d love to stand behind you while you sweated over putting in everything asked for in 2 and a quarter hours. For a level 2 assessment it is appalling and I’m used to level 6 assessments. Apparently my test centre manager has pointed this out to AAT but they aren’t interested. The ridiculous thing is that this course isn’t even required to gain MAAT!

    1. @tecla sicbaldi I’m advising anybody that asks me about doing this course to avoid it and read up about the content online.There are plenty of free websites and youtube videos that are good enough to give you the basics and sage provide free trials to practice inputting data. Then to go straight to the level 3 advanced course. The problem is that I’ve heard that the level 2 course is due to become mandatory in 2022 before going on to the level 3 course. Perhaps an increase in the failure rate might get these bunch of amateurs to rethink UAS.

    2. @Felicia – i hope so, in the meantime i have to think a shortcut to upload evidences without finishing all tasks!! because evidences are the ones they will check to see what i did in the whole exam, if i don’t upload any i will fail : (

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