PM calls on health leaders to take ‘radical action’ to tackle NHS crisis

The Prime Minister has called on health service chiefs to take “bold and radical action” to tackle the crisis in the NHS. (Subscribe: ——- Rishi Sunak has been holding talks with health and social care leaders in Downing Street – amid reports of overstretched resources, staff burnout and ambulance delays. He described the meeting as “highly valuable” – but critics said it would do little to alleviate the problems beleaguering the NHS after “years of inaction”. Watch more of our explainer series here – Get more news at our site – Follow us: Facebook – Twitter –

17 thoughts on “PM calls on health leaders to take ‘radical action’ to tackle NHS crisis

  1. Personality styles, Narcissism.
    1. Intimidation = Threats, bribes, fear, violence, rage.
    2. Projection = Blame the other for the crime you are committing.
    3. Gaslighting = Deny reality. “I never said that. That never happened”.
    4. Manipulation, lying, cheating, stealing, and extorting for their own selfish interest at the expense and harm of the vulnerable.
    5. Distraction/deflection = change the subject to draw off accountability. For example, “we need more maths”….
    Purpose = control, domination, takes pleasure in the suffering of the vulnerable… (sadistic)
    BTW, this is orthodox, robust, and rigorously defined and checked. It is in every psychology textbook. What are the implications of these personality styles on the population? Precisely the world as we see it now is utterly ruined and exploited, with death, starvation, helplessness, vulnerability, misery, and pain, with a few ultra-rich.
    “The narcissistic person’s Greatest and Most Diabolical abilities is the ability to fly right under the radar of what is considered enforceable abuse (and criminality).” – Dr. Ramani Jan-8-2023.
    This is the real enemy… (the cluster b personality style)
    This is the education (understanding narcissism) the good faith folks need to know to spot the toxic types and begin to protect ourselves.

  2. The government is causing this because they want to sell the nhs to the yanks filling there greedy pockets and make everyone get private insurance …also filling there greedy pockets by getting backhanders off the insurers

  3. Not just the government to blame if doctors pulled their finger out and got out of first gear now and again the queues would go down quick also get nurses out of first gear and stop letting illegal immigrants into the country, sorry to be cruel to nurses but if they worked in the real world where things have to be produced every day at the right price and right quality and show a profit they would fail miserably and same with these overpaid underworked doctors.

  4. Why did we all get locked away in our houses for “the vid” when we now have 500 needless deaths a week from the actions of this government

  5. The problem is too many chiefs and not enough Indians and the chiefs are teaching chest feeding and woke nonsense!

    1. @Ape Moon the NHS receives an astronomical amount of money. Like you said with diversity managers on 45k+! It’s wasted. Nhs needs a full overhaul and cutout all the deadwood and theirs a lot of it.

  6. The British public need to tackle the tory problem we have an absolute 🤡 show in Westminster

  7. Do the right thing, pay back their extortionate grasping uni fees, and paramedics 10k more pa. And stop blaming past govs, it’s an irrelevant distraction.

  8. Just a distraction. The real crisis is the country’s debt bomb and the UK no longer having a functioning democracy.

  9. The NHS is rotten from within. It is a monument to waste and inefficiency.

    It currently employs around EIGHT THOUSAND ‘diversity managers’ at £45,000+ a year. How many other management non-jobs are we paying for?

    The more money it gets, the more it squanders with zero accountability for those responsible.

  10. Fake PM, fake leader and fake man. Sunak the slippery, slimey, sinister L, snake Oil salesman is an unelected millionaire Globalist WEF puppet who isn’t invested in our country and needs to be removed.

  11. I was in hospital just before Christmas and saw this coming it was terrible in there and I discharged myself more sick than when I went in having caught norovirus I was too scared to stay in even with lung disease pneumonia and heart failure going on I’m immune suppressed and there were patients sitting on floors waiting to be seen. I’m immune suppressed and was stuck on the AAU for four days and nurses were coming in fine and leaving shifts with clear signs of having caught flu themselves 😢 I felt bad for them but was scary for me to have nurses treating me with flu and I already catch every virus going! I was meant to go to lung ward and have an echo on my heart and ct scan on lungs before I could go home but there was no staff available to do the echo so I left without they said I would get an appointment for the echo, it’s three weeks later and still waiting

  12. It’s bad alright, my own son who needs a surgeon can’t get one. In the meantime I keep him on antibiotics !!!!!!!

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