Projects evolve to create the right solution

Projects evolve to create the right solution

Requirements create estimates, estimates create plans, plans create projects, projects create problems because the requirements, estimates, plans and projects were wrong #HoskCodeWisdom

IT projects go wrong, you can’t avoid it but you can prepare for mistakes, get feedback helps you learn, improve and create a solution suited to the customer needs. You can’t get all the requirements up front, for a technical team to design and estimate a solution correctly and then deliver it without any significant problems is crazy.

The requirements and solution develop the more you investigate and build. The solution delivered at the end is never like the solution specified at the beginning.

The plan you created at the start of the project is never correct, it evolves and changes along with the solution.

Requirements are never complete, requirements are missed, requirements are added, requirements are wrong and they requirements change as the project develops.

Estimates are not commitments, they are an estimate of effort based on the information at the time.

Plans are created with the assumption nothing will go wrong, changes won’t happen, people won’t leave and nothing significant will go wrong.

Plans will always change, expect it and use it to your advantage.

Change is natural, change is positive, change will deliver the project which is needed, not the project which was estimated and planned with a minimum amount of information.

Make sure people are aware plans will change and deliver projects in smaller parts, incorporate feedback into your plans and deliver value early and often.

The goal of a project is to deliver a solution the business needs, not the solution specified in the plan when you had less knowledge and no feedback or experience. Don’t become to protective of your plan that it stops you changing.


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