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The odd-shaped gaps are quite vulnerable to plaque and bacteria attack.
  • The gap in the teeth could add the stress in the other teeth. This is because the surface area available for chewing gets reduced when there is a gap in the teeth.
  • Restoration options that are available

    In cases where the use of dentures, bridges etc are not possible. Restorative Dentistry Abbotsford resorts to dental implants. However, the use of dental implants depends on the physical factors such as health complications you might already have as well as the fiscal soundness which means your budget.

    Types of Dental Restoration

    The processes involved in Restorative Dentistry Abbotsford is of 2 types

    • Direct- This type of Restorative Dentistry Abbotsford refers to the process of placing a filling into a cavity that the Practitioner makes to replace the tooth. The filling that might be used in Restorative Dentistry Abbotsford varies depending on the location of the teeth and the type of filling that is required for the same.
    • Indirect- This refers to the process of customized Restorative Dentistry Abbotsford the specialist employs like the use of the crown, inlays as well as outlays. This type of Restorative dentistry Abbotsford refers to the process of fixing the crown, inlay or outlay that is fabricated in the lab. The Restorative dentistry Abbotsford of this type offers highly expensive options that include inlays of gold. But, if you want to have a natural looking teeth, you may opt for porcelain or composite resin.

    Consult the specialists to learn about the options available to restore your tooth and smile.

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