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In addition to our time spent living in Manchester, England we have had innumerable Sunday Roasts. Ducie Street Warehouse has been voted England’s best, and here is our review from a recent visit. 

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Located centrally and near Piccadilly station in Manchester’s City Centre, Ducie Street Warehouse offers a blended space. Part co-working, bar, and coffee shop, the restaurant at Ducie Street Warehouse is at the back of the building on the main floor.

Address: Ducie St, Manchester M1 2TP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 503 9460


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sunday roast ducie street warehouse bar

sunday roast ducie street warehouse restaurant

What Is A Sunday Roast

If youve ever been to England, you know that one of the best things about the country is its traditional Sunday roast. A British Sunday roast is a classic comfort food thats been around for centuries, and its one of the most beloved meals in the country.

A traditional Sunday roast usually consists of roast beef, roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, Yorkshire pudding, and gravy. The beef is usually served with a variety of condiments, such as horseradish sauce, English mustard, and gravy. The roasted vegetables are typically boiled or roasted in the oven. The Yorkshire pudding is a savory, spongy croissantlike dish made from a batter of eggs, flour, and milk, which is then baked in the oven.

On a personal note, my family loves a good Yorkshire pudding and they are incredibly difficult to make. It seems like it should be easy but it’s not. It’s either over or under cooked and never matches the quality we would hope to achieve. Even restaurants often get it wrong, but in the case of Ducie Street Warehouse, it was a perfect blend of a chewy and soft bottom with crispy edges.

sunday roast ducie street warehouse roasts in the pass

While the look and ingredients of a Sunday roast has changed, the meal is usually served with a variety of side dishes such as mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, and gravy. Many include variants with alternative cuts of meat including the roast lamb, prime rib (served medium rare or rare) or roast chicken. Its a hearty and Sunday lunch thats perfect for a lazy afternoon.

It compares in part to a Thanksgiving dinner (though not like the one we had in Manchester.)

What Did We Order?

At Ducie Street Warehouse one innovation on the classic Sunday dinner is their approach with sides. The intention is to order many of them and share a little bit (tapas-style) so everyone can have a bit. We tried all of the macaroni and cheese options, roast chicken, and prime rib. It’s worth noting that while our roast orders were fast, it’s advised to allow at least 30 minutes for preparation.

sunday roast ducie street warehouse bread
garlic bread tapas style appetizer
sunday roast ducie street warehouse roast chicken
Sunday Roast with chicken

Pardon the low lighting and rough resolution of these photos. We tried a couple of roast recipes and with sides, the table was so full there was barely room for salt and pepper.

sunday roast ducie street warehouse beef

sunday roast ducie street warehouse four orders

There’s little question as to whether the Sunday Roast is filling, that much is a certainty, but quality and quantity are rarely aligned. At Ducie Street, we got both.

England’s Best

Our good friends in England have been spending their Sundays shopping for the best Sunday Roast and for the only Sunday we were in town, they took us to what they thought was the best.

They weren’t alone.

Ducie Street Warehouse topped the list of restaurants for the best Sunday roast in all of the United Kingdom. The food was exemplary, costs were in line with other restaurants of a similar stature, and the design of the restaurant – an updated take on mid-century modern – was superb.

Not only that, dogs are also welcome giving our daughter time with our friends’ pup.

sunday roast ducie street warehouse dogs welcome


After trying too many spots for Sunday roast to count, we tried Ducie Street Warehouse and it did not disappoint. Our experience was affirmed by British voters and secured the top spot for 2023. It’s going to be hard to top Ducie Street, but in a year we will make the pilgrimage back and give it a shot anyway. If you’re thinking of trying it out, I’d recommend you book in advance.

What do you think? Have you had a Sunday roast? Do you have a favorite spot in Britain for one?

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