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SEOUL Apocalypse Thunder

Underground Hell

You’ve heard of Webtoons being adapted into anime, but what about mobile games? This is what happed with SEOUL Apocalypse. From developer Super Awesome Inc., this idle RPG has all the makings of a potential anime. Superpowered humans with special moves and over-the-top expressions, unique names, long story arcs and a post-apocalyptic setting? Sounds like an exciting time. The webtoon was being uploaded under the name Sindorim, also the name of a train station in Seoul. Both the webtoon and game worlds are covered in radiation, save for a shelter that was built to hold only 500 people. Those who survived gained special powers and were renamed Kiz. As intense as the game looks, there are areas that need improvement.

Out of Control

Kiz are divided into five categories: Bidol, Sindorim, Gangbuk, Outlaw, and Independent. The first three are references to real places in South Korea, while the last two are hard-to-get characters. What I like about the characters is that there’s so many to discover, each with four kinds of skills. For example, Thunder is a Bidol and an attack type, using his bat with a lightning bolt on it. His skills include Precise Hit, Gripped Bunt, Out of the Park Homerun, and his ultimate attack, Grand Slam. The ult can be used after a Kiz’s rage meter fills up. You’ll want a well-rounded team of attack, tank, support, control, and healer characters. Or mix them up and play however you want. Five Kiz face another five, and victories advance the story and earn rewards. In addition, Kiz have four slots for gear, which are used to increase their power in battle.

As is true with most idle games, SEOUL Apocalypse has many things to do beyond the main campaign. Your Kiz need three kinds of currency before you can level them up: Sindorim Coins, Kiz EXP and, most importantly, Kiz Supplements. An abundance of all three will allow you to level them up several times in one sitting. Beyond AFK awards, which can last an astounding 20 hours, there are minigames.

Tap the Explore tab and you’ll have five minigames to choose from. Bounty Hunt offers EXP and Supplements on different days of the week and can be challenged three times a day. Infinite Dungeon gives Coins and Supplements, along with Diamonds, after winning a fight. I like how there’s no time limit and you can just keep on going. The other minigames, Battle Operation, Arena and Path of the Strong also have their own unique ways of earning you rewards.

Apocalyptic Problems

SEOUL Apocalypse AFK Screen

I’ll give this game credit; I’m still playing, and already passed level 100. I wasn’t expecting to keep SEOUL Apocalypse for long. Though it managed to hold my interest, there are a few things that need to be improved. I’ve noticed that no matter what type of Kiz I put in front of the battle formation, their health bars always deplete quickly. Doesn’t matter what their level is or what gear they have, they always end up dead or their health is severely depleted. Additionally, once your team reaches a certain power level, the fights in the Arena become unfair. Even facing teams with less power isn’t a guaranteed win. The whole thing is massively frustrating. Another issue I had was with the Kiz Supplements. Comparing them to Coins and EXP, there’s less being received. Why is unclear, as the Supplements are necessary to level up Kiz at certain intervals.

End of the Line

SEOUL Apocalypse is entertaining, for a while. A unique post-apocalypse story centered on superpowered beings living underground is one hell of a premise. The comic art style coupled with intense battles and other content to explore, there’s enough to keep players coming back for more. However, there are some unfair areas of the game that could stand to be updated. Health bars need to be less easy to deplete and winning certain fights and rewards has to be fairer. Once developers implement these changes, SEOUL Apocalypse will have a chance to be better.

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