Short Wheelbase + High Ceiling Camper van w/ Large Convertible Bed

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31 thoughts on “Short Wheelbase + High Ceiling Camper van w/ Large Convertible Bed

    1. We shower outside if the weather is nice. But mostly we have friends and fam …although I have washed my hair in the sink easily.

  1. Nice build! Another tour is in order once they build out the box truck and start using it. I’m curious to see how his creativity will express itself in the new build!

    1. @Bacons Rebellion wow good to know! I never would’ve guessed a 12v. I just got a cooler style 12v to save money but I’ll check this out. I’d love something closer to a larger dorm size although don’t need a big one for just me 😁

    2. @Bacons Rebellion I see it! I just wish prices would come down. Or they had a 3-4 cubic feet one. 🙌🏼

    3. @katekaos hmmm yah that one is kinda spendy. Have you looked at TruckFridge? I’m not sure what sizes they have but our friend that wanted to get the same as ours ended up with going smaller and they love it.. might be worth checking out…

    4. @Bacons Rebellion I did see a 3.3 cubic footer for $589 which is a great deal if it lasts and is quieter. RecPro site. I know the dual zone cooler style have some “pros” but the 3.3 I’d get for a “real fridge style” because the other smaller ones like the Vitrifrigo are over $1k which is a lot for being so tiny.

  2. We love ya! Where’s Phinn? So nice to see Grasshopper shinning! Hope you sell it soon and get to show your new masterpiece. Can’t wait to roadtrip again and get to cool with you in your new KITCHEN!!! Anyone reading this the Grasshopper would be such a great rig it has it all! And so much storage!

    1. Awww thanks so much you guys!! Love you too! Finny was at a River while we filmed because we were wrapping up TinyFest and that event venue didn’t allow pets.
      That sounds amazing!! Let’s cook our way thru #Alaska2024 !!! 😊
      Thank you for the kind words! I mean we know Grasshopper is special, but it’s nice to hear from you, who have spent a lot of time with us on the road!

  3. Love your design ideas, like the cabinet side that folds down to be a shelf, and the cupboards hinged at the bottom so the covers fold down —brilliant!

  4. Love the creative touches and making your “must-haves” happen no matter what it takes. It only creates a unique home for you to enjoy and for others to get ideas! Can’t wait to see ya again on the road in your new rig. 🤗🤗

    1. That means a LOT from you guys, your build is epic!! Yes!!! Next time we’ll get to have you come hang in our rig!!☺️

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