St. Valentine’s Day: Love is Love…and Food and Flowers from Weston

St. Valentine’s Day: Love is Love…and Food and Flowers from Weston

Here we are, Weston, on the cusp of St. Valentine’s Day, and though the Owl would much like to make light of saints and their marginal role in a “holiday” of love (please please let me not get struck by lightning, especially as another Catholic mass center opens in town), it turns out I already did that last year when I had a much better sense of humor than I do now. And I was not struck by lightning which means that God is indeed Brazilian, which is what 214 million people have told me. Please, all, take this as it is intended: humor.

Frankly, I can’t write it better than last year so here we go:

If there is one thing the Owl has learned in writing this page for the last year, it is to never ever look at the origins of feast days. All these saints had some seriously bad times before becoming holidays to eat chocolate and give roses. St. Valentine, according to various very.reliable.internet. sources (just like the Owl) tried to get some Romans to give up paganism (which honestly seemed like a pretty time–don’t strike me with lightning) and even cured an emperor’s daughter of blindness but then was executed for being Christian. So how that turned into conversation hearts and blow pops, I just don’t know.

I really was super funny until I started getting hate mail. In any case, let’s talk about love mail and the pairing up of a sister Wellesley alum and Weston resident Rachel Lee with Weston Provisions to make a yummy and beautiful Valentine’s Day present for your favorite person. And yourself, because apparently, the food is for 2 people (1/2 a person if you are talking a hungry Owlet). And the flowers are going to be outside the box, people, not squished in there, okay?

Each order will receive a heart-shaped charcuterie box for two (Weston Provisions) and a beautiful bouquet designed by Rachel Lee (did I mention she’s a Wellesley? oh I did). There are a limited number of preorders available. Check out the information below.

*Note bouquet above is an example of Rachel’s work, and actual bouquets will vary with flower availability!

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