Stack Up The Bullion – Silver Bar Basics

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8 thoughts on “Stack Up The Bullion – Silver Bar Basics

  1. I stack RCM and Royal Mint Britania 10 ounce bars more than anything else when I can. Best balance I feel; the security of a Sovereign but better Prices and stacking/storage in a bar form than coins from same respective mints.
    However, stack when you can and stick to your budget, never over extend and always look at options, markets and trends when looking to add to your stack. I also think Platinum and Copper are my dark horse metals of 2023.

    1. RCM bars are beautiful, I want to get some! Platinum does seem ripe for a squeeze, and my favorite way to stack copper is by grabbing $100 boxes of nickels from the bank.

  2. Im hoping at some point this year to get some nice bars like a brit and an rcm. I got a year of the tiger but the plastic was cracked so since i moved midwest from nevada ive noticed it open plastic side is starting to tone a bit along with a few rounds so now im hopi g they tone so i can just display for enjoyment XD

  3. I’ve found bars recently to be the same price of not more than kangaroos Britannias and some cases maple leafs. Premiums are out of hand across the board

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