Testing, inspecting and validating a commercial electrical installation

In this video ive been tasked with testing, inspecting and validating a commerical electrical installation, we come across some interesting issues while working in -2 degrees. If you enjoy electrical content please subscribe to the channel and checkout my links below 👇 L O A D O U T M Y T O O L S H O P 🛠️ https://loadout.shop/ L O A D O U T Y O U T U B E 📺 https://www.youtube.com/c/loadoutshop B I G B O O T S D I S C O U N T 🥾 https://www.bigboots.co.uk/?ref=4s3760y77o – Use code RESIDUAL J O I N T H E C H A N N E L 🤝 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ME2vJxFANePC6e297Icww/join I N S T A G R A M 📷 https://www.instagram.com/residualcurrent T I K T O K ♪ https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM86U2jjG/ The works carried out in the video and the opinions shared are my own, and not representative of the associates and companies in the video. This content is purely for entertainment purposes and is in no way a “how to”, tutorial or educational video. Please consult an electrician when dealing with any electrical installations. #electricianlife #electrical #electricalengineering

18 thoughts on “Testing, inspecting and validating a commercial electrical installation

  1. Happy new year Mike, excellent video as standard, all your videos are far from boring, you show it all in a logical manner and explain why/what, the I/R results were really bad like you said, and WTF with the barrier and someone disconnecting the earth 😳😳, just goes to show what some people will do, hopefully the screwdrivers come back into stock

  2. Hi mate how can I get into work like this? I’m fully qualified but most of the job postings are all for domestic or maintenance work

    1. wild world – Aaron Hibell

      Was only able to find it on SoundCloud though but yeah definitely so good 👌

  3. That’s a luxury having a lighting column filled with ice, at least when you drop the fuse carrier you know it can’t disappear down the bottom of the column! All the best for 2023 to you.

  4. Mike those r1 r2 link out leads are a game changer. I purchased about 3 sets to help speed up my commercial testing of our own installs. Incredible

  5. Mike the second electric meter in the intake room is referred to as a “check meter”. The DNO restrict who can see what on the primary meter so often a second “check meter” is installed alongside the primary meter so landlords can monitor (as corroborated by one of the meters having a Comms cable going off to the main building) if there’s any dispute about usage, or if the landlord wants to monitor / bill more frequently than the energy supplier offers

  6. Thankyou for this video, actually helped me out a lot to understand my studies. Everything just clicked into place, every time you were going through the tests.

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