The Best Paintball Gun Money Can Buy? (Planet Eclipse CS3)

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23 thoughts on “The Best Paintball Gun Money Can Buy? (Planet Eclipse CS3)

  1. Not worth the price…. its actully simple… people are ignorant enough to pay it. Sadly its killed the sport, not greed hype and ignorance. Just plain stupidity…

    1. Has it really killed the sport? What many people consider the gold age of paintball we saw every major company releasing a new marker or 2 every year. I would say it’s much better now with a continued focus on improvement. Might not be perfect but nothing is.

    2. @Nipples I talked about it all in the video? It’s not like they’re changing the game, when has anyone done anything like that recently? Perspective is everything, look at all the other paintball gun releases ever.

  2. My SL94 made by Planet Eclipse to this day shoots so smooth for me I love it. It has a splash color, 3 other camouflage greens where used it looks beautiful.

  3. I’m a woods ball guy keeping it to my neighborhoods woods 20+acres
    staying cheap with 98 custom and picking up a Tippmann A5 this week.
    are they as reliable as everybody claims.
    I’ve been out of the paintball world for over 20 years

  4. Ima keep my Geo 4 til it breaks on me. Sucks they never made them Bluetooth like the cs2. At a price tag of $1400k when it was released you’d expect premium features too.

  5. I just feel like how much does it cost to actually build it?? You can buy 3 glocks for that price or 7 shotguns or an ar15 and a pistol and a 22lr like sheeeeshhhhhh 1750$$

  6. Question to everyone:

    Where do you prefer to get your paint?
    I usually support local stores, for magfed players out there I live walking distance to MCS so I would get graffiti paint from them but after they had said they got a new shipment and all the balls had 2 or more dents on them I stopped going there (for paint). Ive tried some other local shops/field but I was wondering if anyone had any luck with the online subscriptions.

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