The Novice: In Theatres and VOD


As of December 17th, 2021, The Novice is available for viewing in select theatres across North America and on VOD.

Being praised in Vogue, Variety, The New York Times, LA Times, Hollywood Reporter, just to name a few, The Novice is an experience that one will likely not forget. Isabelle Fuhrman delivers a knock-out, impeccable performance as Alex Dall and Lauren Hadaway definitely makes her mark in the film and television world with this as her writer/directorial debut.

The cast also stars Amy Forsyth, Dilone, Jonathan Cherry and Kate Drummond.

“The first thing you notice while watching “The Novice” is the sound design, delicately layered and interwoven: gentle music, water, wind, birds, breath, the scribbling of a pencil, the pounding of running shoes. And underneath it all, the slightest rumble, steadily building and churning, creating an inescapable feeling of danger.” ~Roger Ebert~

“What gives “The Novice” its resonance is that I don’t think, at heart, it’s ultimately a movie about athletics. Rather, it’s a drama about a newly prevalent state-of-mind: the feeling, especially on the part of those today who are young, that the difference between total achievement and anything less than total achievement is life and death — that their future may hinge on killing themselves to succeed. This is a mentality that has emerged, at its core level, out of an increasingly corrupt economic structure — the perception (and maybe, in some ways, the reality) that if you’re not at the top you’re nowhere. “The Novice” uses college rowing to dig into the psycho-emotional metaphysic of that belief. The movie captures what it looks like when the hunger to win blots out life.” ~Variety~


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