THESE 24 Simple Woocommerce Tricks & Hacks Will Save Your Time (and Money)

In this video I’ll show you 24 simple Woocommerce tricks and hacks that will save your time. Also, there will be a second video with additional 27 hacks. I’ll put the link here when it’s ready. ALL SNIPPETS ARE HERE: RELATED VIDEOS PLAYLIST: Fluent Forms: (SAVE 20% Coupon: WPSH20) 🅱️ Blocksy theme (SAVE 10% Coupon WPSH10) 🔵 Kadence theme here: (SAVE 10% Coupon SIMPLEHACKS) ✅ If you want to be the first to be notified about the new tutorials then please subscribe to this channel. ✅ BEST WORDPRESS THEMES: Blocksy theme: (SAVE 10% Coupon WPSH10) Kadence Theme: (SAVE 10% Coupon SIMPLEHACKS) Astra Theme: GeneratePress: OceanWP: (SAVE 10% Coupon WPSH10) ✅ MY FAVORITE WEBHOSTING PROVIDER: Verpex Hosting (SAVE 22% Coupon WPSH22) ✅ AWESOME WORDPRESS PLUGINS: WPCodeBox (SAVE 20% Coupon WPSH20) Flowmattic no-coding automation plugin (SAVE 15% Coupon WPSH15) ShopLentor Elementor/Gutenberg add-on (SAVE 20% Coupon WPSH20) Best WordPress Backup, Migration and Staging plugin – WpVivid Pro (SAVE 20% Coupon WPSH20) Best Gutenberg Blocks addon – Kadence Blocks (SAVE 10% Coupon SIMPLEHACKS) Best forms plugin – Fluent Forms: (SAVE 20% Coupon: WPSH20) WP Social Ninja (SAVE 20% Coupon: WPSH20) Best for email marketing – Fluent CRM: (SAVE 20% Coupon: WPSH20) Best for creating tables – Ninja Tables (SAVE 20% Coupon: WPSH20) Best events calendar and ticket selling plugin – WP Eventin (SAVE 20% Coupon: WPSH20) Best WordPress LMS – Tutor LMS (SAVE 20% Coupon thmwelcome20) Best WordPress SEO plugin – SEOPress Image Map Pro – ✅ AWESOME WOOOCOMMERCE EXTENSIONS: Best Woocommerce Swiss Knife tool – Kadence Shop Kit (SAVE 10% Coupon SIMPLEHACKS) Best visual sales funnel builder – WpFunnels (SAVE 10% Coupon WPSH10) Advanced Dynamic Pricing Pro (SAVE 20% Coupon: WPSH20) Phone orders For Woocommerce Pro (SAVE 20% coupon: WPSH20) Advanced Orders Export Pro (SAVE 20% coupon: WPSH20) Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce (SAVE 15% coupon: WPSH15) Best Woocommerce sidecart plugin – Woocommerce Cart in One TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Woocommerce simple tricks you should know 00:37 Code Snippets and WpCodebox plugin overview 02:11 Activate Woocommerce catalog mode and add an inquiry form to single product page 03:05 How to Add conditional Woocommerce product category page messages 04:50 How to remove category product count in product archives? 05:15 How to show the Discount Percentage on the Woocommerce Sale Badge? 06:58 How to display “New” badge for recent products? 08:11 How to display custom product badges with checking a checkbox? 10:57 How to display Woocommerce stock amount and stock status on Woocommerce archive pages? 12:05 How to create and display custom product fields? 14:09 How to create custom Woocommerce product tab? 15:56 Display “You save” with saved amount for sale price? 16:56 How to change Woocommerce add to cart button text if product is available on backorder? 18:20 Display inquiry form only if product is out of stock 21:25 How to hide Woocommerce product price if product is out of stock? 21:50 How to gray out Woocommerce of stock variations? 22:22 How to add custom stock status to products in WooCommerce? 24:42 How to remove Woocommerce reviews tab? 25:18 How to create custom order status for Woocommerce? 26:19 How to display customer phone and email in Woocommerce orders table? 27:16 How to autocomplete Woocommerce processing orders? 27:46 How to autocomplete all Woocommerce orders? 28:42 How to Add Purchased products tab to Woocommerce my account page? 29:49 How to add “Order again” button to Woocommerce my account page? 30:37 How to add “Cancel” button to Woocommerce my account page? 31:55 How to add Woocommerce product ID column?

28 thoughts on “THESE 24 Simple Woocommerce Tricks & Hacks Will Save Your Time (and Money)

  1. Wow, thank you. What a strong start to the new year!
    I also had a question: is it possible to add the Buy Now button to the product page with a code snippet?

  2. I am a simple man – I see a video from you – I click play.
    Thank you for the good video as always!

  3. Excellent! Thank you very helpful.
    If you know a way to add custom fields to the product page for the user to fill in, that shows on the order page and new order/customer emails I’d love to see that video 👌

  4. Great tips I have added already a few tonight afrer watching 😁 one I couldn’t get to work was purchase tab on account page. It appears but I get 404 error on page it uses. Tried permalinks saving a few rimes. Tried on 2 other sites with same issue. Any other things that could cause thus?

    1. What are the permalink settings! Is it %postname%? Also, maybe your .htaccess file is corrupted.

  5. Always great content with great features!! i have a question, if you can help. How can i add more custom tabs? And if it is possible to be different on any product?

  6. Thanks for your tips! I’m triying to apply the “Discount % badge” but only works in a simple products. In a variable products, I can see the discount applied in the text field of the price, but the badge doesn’t appear as in the rest. I’m using the plugin “Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce” to apply massive discounts.

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