Think You Have FAKE Silver? Here’s How I Test My Silver Coins!

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17 thoughts on “Think You Have FAKE Silver? Here’s How I Test My Silver Coins!

  1. Totally unrelated to the content of this video, but are the gloves you wear in your videos made of nitrile? I’m looking for an alternative to cotton gloves for handling bullion. Thanks in advance for the info!

  2. Great video.

    I really wish there was a more affordable competitor to the PMV line. I mean, if you’re buying multiple gold coins frequently, then 1500 bucks on a verifier makes sense. But if you’re just trying to gift a silver bullion coin, and you want to make sure you’re not giving a dud, spending that much money on a verifier is ridiculous.

    Even stacking a little silver, the verifier is worth what 75 ounces of silver right now, or something like that. It’s nuts. You’d need to have a few hundred ounces to justify the spend.

    There really needs to be a device that costs a hundred bucks, attaches to a smartphone, and tests magnetism conductivity and density of small bullion items.

    That thing would become the most essential item ever in the industry. It would be EVERYWHERE.

  3. Hi, I’m 15 years old and thinking about dropping around $1300-$1500 on silver. What do you guy recommend me buying? I was thinking either coins or bars or maybe even both. Im also thinking about buying 1oz of gold and would like to know if I’m making the right choices and if I should buy right now. Thanks 😊

  4. As I’m just getting into collecting that is why I love this channel because you go through detailed demonstrations on how to test your coins. Thank you so much for this video I’m starting to like collecting coins more and more but I can only get one a month. Slow going but at least it’s going.

  5. Another excellent video, I always learn a little bit more with each one. I love my Pro Mini as well, and for me, it is well worth the money. The more tools you have at your disposal the lesser chance you have at being scammed. No matter the method you use, practice with them. The more familiar you are with the tools, the easier it will be to determine real or fake without any second guessing yourself. This in turn will make it harder for a scammer to try and talk you into the purchase.

  6. 99K whoop whoop! Can’t wait for give away time! I’ve been waiting a long time! I probably won’t even win anything 😂🤣 Still I can’t wait to see all the stuff given out, you have some neat stuff in that box. I’d just be happy to win the empty box to be honest lol

  7. I have that app and the philharmonics only matches 2 frequency’s and says close. I’ve tried different years and they weren’t all purchased at the same locations none of them hit all 3 for some reason. Sigma says they’re real though and I know they are real. I wonder why this is happening.

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