This Is How To Make The Most Of Silver & Gold Returns and I Can Help You Do It!

#Gold #silver #preciousmetals In this video I talk about how I think we can all buy silver or buy gold for the lowest silver price or gold price and sell for the best silver price or gold price. I propose to call it the Backyard Bullion Buyers Club and this would be a way to save money when buying and selling gold and silver. Investing in gold and silver is difficult and it is even more hard to sell things effectively. I can help by connecting buyers with sellers so that we do not have to rely on dealers making as much money out of us as possible. If you want to sign up as a buyer please email: [email protected] and if you have silver that you might want to sell then I want to hear from you as well!

This video is my opinion only and should not be interpreted as financial advice. Join the channel and show your support by becoming a BYB Rambling society member today! If you would like to support our channel please consider purchasing our Hand Poured Silver: Thanks also to the channel sponsor The Silver Forum! Comments welcome below or email me at [email protected] Follow me on Instagram: @BackyardBullion Thanks for watching and I will see you next time! Topics covered in this video: Silver Price, Price of silver, gold price, price of gold, silver, gold, investing in silver, stacking silver, silver stacking, investing in gold, gold investing, gold stacking, silver investing, Coins, silver coins, silver bars, buy silver, buy gold, buying silver, buying gold, gold investment, silver investment, how to buy gold, how to buy silver, investing, inflation, recession, silver and gold, backyard bullion, BYB,

25 thoughts on “This Is How To Make The Most Of Silver & Gold Returns and I Can Help You Do It!

  1. Who says that buying and selling precious metals is difficult? The Royal Mint and local coin shops are okay, even if they have annoying spreads.

    It could be worth doing something else if you trade often, but I don’t think most stackers need to buy or sell so often.

    1. Well, judging on the literally hundreds of people that have emailed me I think this will be very popular

    2. @Backyard Bullion ah, well if the demand is there then that’s a good start. Hope it goes well!

  2. Good idea but dealers charge more because they need too. If you do this and it takes off you will soon start incurring the same costs and over heads they do and won’t be able to maintain the cheap rates.

    1. The difference is I wont need to or want to have it explode and get to be more expensive. I know what I want to do and how much and can control that happily

    1. Not doing swaps. It’s too much hassle with book keeping and tracking. Customers need to track their own sales and the reporting for any taxes and swaps are basically a way to avoid this even though you should be declaring it if you do a swap, many won’t.

    1. Banks transfer only. Too much risk for card or PayPal fraud from buyers. If you want card/PayPal payments for this service it rings an alarm bell that you don’t trust me and there is literally no reason to other than potential charge backs. So, not offering it.

  3. I’ve emailed to join the club 🙂 looking forward to your “for sale” emails! The Uk dealers are charging far too much premium for my shallow pockets.

  4. Great idea. Peer to peer sales, thru a trusted and reputable agent. I would love to find someone like you in the US market. I’ve got some 10 oz QB Yale of Beaufort coins that I’m considering selling.
    So far my best option is eBay. I’ve sold enough other stuff on eBay that I have a decent reputation and ratings, but I like your idea a whole lot better.
    EBay makes it easy, and its a large marketplace, but they do take a decent cut of each sale.

  5. Fantastic concept, good luck with your new venture!!!🙆‍♂️Jamie. Btw, I’d be interested in selling/trading some slightly semi- numismatic silver for sovereigns but I live in Japan, but logistically , not so easy 🥴.

  6. Great idea, I’m signing up. Given that all silver etc will be second hand then it cuts out the VAT in the uk, which is a problem for UK buyers.

    1. @Backyard Bullion Thanks. Last question. When selling on silver for someone, would you look to pass on VAT too or selling for spot?

    2. There would be NO VAT unless YOU are a VAT registered individual. You are a private seller, the buyer is just a buyer. You don’t need to charge VAT unless you are registered and require to do so. From my side I don’t “sell” the silver, I just provide a platform for the buyers to buy and the sellers to sell and I take a small commission. Hope that makes sense.

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