THIS Is The BIGGEST Challenge When Buying Silver Right Now!

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13 thoughts on “THIS Is The BIGGEST Challenge When Buying Silver Right Now!

  1. Was hoping to see a 10 minute video by you about how silver and gold “skyrocketed” today…. lol

  2. We need to see a video about how many of your coins you can hold in your butt. Please feel free to ask if you need anymore video ideas…

  3. I find it mind-boggling and even hypocritical when looking at paying a massive premium for silver eagles vs. other established and verified coins.
    We buy silver, not for a stamp that somehow imparts sentimental confidence but for the historic confidence in God-made precious metal weight/purity. Yes, coins have fiat value and could have numismatic value, but that doesn’t play much significance for most stackers. Hey, silver producers and distributors all have to make money and a premiumis necessary, but putting up to an 80% premium on top of spot for one stamped coin and significantly less for another stamped silver coin with the exact same weight and purity is nuts!
    Not considering numismatics Sal, once weight and purity has been *established by a credible source* (key point), stacking silver should be all about the silver content alone, not a government stamp.
    Putting faith in an eagle stamp is like putting faith in fiat, which seems counter to why most of us stack in the first place.

    I liken paying 50% more in premiums for ASE vs. other credible silver coins with paying 50% more for spaghetti vs. linguini…. it’s all the same pasta, just cut minisculey different.
    Do you get what im saying Sal and the undertones of hypocrisy ?

  4. A couple years ago. I gave up buying my silver. from the online big boys. And start buying it on eBay. By the time. You factor in. Debit card fee. Taxes. And shipping. I feel like. I get a better deal. I have even bought silver. On Bullion exchang eBay site. For cheaper. Then you could. On their official site.

  5. I just “dumb dollar cost average” metals because I’m so stupid, knowing I would do SO much better “smart dollar cost averaging”. I mean, that’s why they call it “smart dca”, right? Nevermind that I have run a spreadsheet both ways for 40 years and I have always done significantly better by “dumb dca”…I am going to turn in my graduate degree. Clearly I must have made a mathematical error, I don’t deserve that degree and I am a failure. SDCA must be the smart way to go. I mean, the call it “smart” so it must be smart…right? For Christ sakes, you are buying the dips, right?

  6. One of my favorite and fastest dealers still requires me to send a check. I’ve always had my order within 7 days of me putting my check in the mail.

  7. My usual bullion dealer has gotten to expensive . When he sees you coming he jacks up the price !! I found one a good one on Facebook who has live auctions and an online company ! I’m
    Very happy with him now !

  8. Hello Sal!! Just the silver in budget so far.. buffalo rounds, 5 & 10 oz and 10 oz bars. Couple dozen American eagles .

  9. Theft like premiums on sought after gold/silver. And being able to afford precious metals in the first place.

    Biggest challenges for any/everyone:

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