This New Nail Gun Makes Electrical Installation Much Faster!

The new Spit Pulsa 27E speeds up first-fix electrical installations. Our demo shows how fast you can fix electrical back boxes and cable capping. =AD= Learn more about the new electricians’ nail gun from Spit ================================ 🔦 More electrical short videos from eFIXX 👉 Top Tips, hacks, and sneak peeks in 60 seconds or less. ================================== 📍SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL eFIXX helps electricians, electrical contractors, building services engineers, and electrical apprentices. So if you’ve been on the tools for years or just starting your electrical journey, we’ll help you stay up to date with the latest regulations and developments in the electrical industry. 👉 ======================================== ⚡️ Take a deep dive into the latest electrical products, applications and technology 👉 ========================================= #efixx #shorts #nailgun

16 thoughts on “This New Nail Gun Makes Electrical Installation Much Faster!

  1. You’re using nails to mount electrical boxes? What is it with these hack job contractors, cutting corners, and then recording it, for the world to see? I use screws for just about everything I make. I only use nails to hang pictures, or install trim.

  2. It’s a bit childish of eFIXX to reply with comments that question this product by simply replying “why?” . Is this not a forum for constructive conversation? If you endorse it so much why don’t you argue its superiority over use of a screw and plug

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