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Torchlight: Infinite’s Second Season Presents Infinite Possibilities

Torchlight: Infinite released its second season, titled “Blacksail”, on January 12, 2023. The release had players excited since its announcement late last year. Torchlight: Infinite, the ARPG game, invites players to take on the Sea of Void in “Blacksail” with this piratical theme of the season. “Blacksail” promises new endgame boss fights, new content and new player customization. The second season’s update focuses on improving fan-favorite heroes with new traits, rewarding players with more technical gameplay. More importantly, the second season introduces five new enticing Main Skills. To top everything off, the game introduces a new unlockable hero, Cateye Erika, accessible through the season’s new battle pass.

Torchlight: Infinite was released October 22, 2022, and holds a steady 4.3-star review with over one million downloads across all mobile platforms. Players praise the game’s uniqueness but left reviews wishing for smoother mechanics.

The Shanghai-based company, XD Inc, listened to its fanbase by making much-needed changes to the game. This second season update comes with some checks and balances, hopefully, improving mechanics without ruining gameplay. XD Inc. also provided controller support.

Players can enjoy seasonal rewards and daily quests until January 27, 2023.

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