Visiting Mount Nebo In Jordan – Live and Let’s Fly

Visiting Mount Nebo In Jordan - Live and Let's Fly

From the Jesus Baptism Site, our next stop in Jordan was Mount Nebo, a historic ridge located over 2,300 feet above sea level.

My Visit To Mount Nebo In Jordan

Mount Nebo is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the place in whcih Moses looked out over the Promised Land before his death. Moses, the leader who had led the Israelites out of Egypt, was not permitted into the “land of milk and honey” due to a particular egregious act of disobedience, pride, and misrepresentation (there’s a lot more to unpack there, but that’s the short summary).

A serpentine cross sculpture atop Mount Nebo stands atop the ridge. Created by Italian artist Giovanni Fantoni, it is symbolic of the the bronze serpent described in Numbers 21 and the cross upon which Jesus would die over 1,000 years later.

Beyond the view of Israel and the West Bank (Jerusalem and Jericho are visible on most days), this is the site of ancient Byzantine church and monastery and home to many beautiful mosaic works both inside the church and outside.

Inside the church, Anglican pilgrims from England were conducting a eucharistic service. The sound of acapella hymns was quite moving.

I was last here with my dear friend Denny in 2011 and little had changed over a decade later. This is worth a stop on your tour of Jordan. Moses is a fascinating figure in all three Abrahamic faiths and walking where he may have walked was more moving thanI thought it would be.

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