VW Transporter Camper Van plans for 2023. New Mods? New Van? New Adventures?

VW Transporter Camper Van plans for 2023. New Mods? New Van? New Adventures? In this video, we’ll be discussing VW Transporter plans for 2023. We’ll be discussing what new mods and/or van might be in the works, as well as what new adventures we might be embarking on. Keep an eye out for this video, as we’ll be sure to let you know all the details! I have carried out several modifications to my VW Camper Van already, however I have more to do and the list of what’s next keeps growing. Making a VW Transporter campervan unique is one of the great experiences of ownership. Everyone has different tastes, ideas, uses and plans. It doesn’t matter if you have a T4, VW T5, T6, T6.1, they are all great for giving you the Van Life experience. Modify, personalise and enjoy your adventures. I really do like the idea of a siding RIB bed https://campervanseating.uk/product/rib-glidemotion/ Might have to pay https://clearcutconversions.co.uk/product-category/self-build-campervan-parts/seating-systems/rib-seating-systems/rib-seating-volkswagen-t5-t6/ a visit ———————————– Some ESSENTIAL items for you to have to keep safe in your van Firexo 7 in 1 Extinguisher – https://amzn.to/3yqmBft 5 in 1 Fire Extinguisher – https://amzn.to/3uvm8Ym Fire Angel Smoke Alarm – https://amzn.to/3yg1Q64 Fire Angel Carbon Monoxide Alarm – https://amzn.to/3ACgGqf ———————————– Whether you have a T5, VW T5.1, T6, T6.1 or even an older T2, T2.5, T4, the VW Vanlife scene is amazing, with so much help and assistance available for whatever project you wish to attempt. Panel van, Kombi, Converted Camper or VW California Beach or Ocean, enjoy the freedom van life brings. The @Staycation Lifestyle van conversion is coming along nicely. I bought a VW Transporter T6 Kombi Highline van 140bhp diesel SWB with tailgate. Slowly turning it into a camper van / day van with bed. I will also need something for cooking, cooling, sleeping, drinking ?? Choices to be made. I have lots more to do though, I have a new electrical system, using Victron components and a Lithium LIFEPO4 battery, so I obviously need to install some power devices. I have a new sound system, with Focal speakers and ibus 2.1 amp, Playstation PS4, which will be removable, TV’s on headrests. Lots for me to look forward too and it would be nice to take you on the journey. Please do let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions. Vanlife for me is just beginning, it’s a great adventure and I’m loving it. 😍 There are many great camper adventures to come Thanks must go to the following: https://titantransporters.co.uk – Sourcing my van, providing advice and soon a paint correction and detail https://tamarcaravancentre.co.uk – Advising me with many of my leisure equipment purchases, including my Thetford toilet https://www.dream-ice.co.uk – Quality advise on my sound system upgrade https://plyworxuk.co.uk – Suppliers of my Halo roof and ply products https://www.batteriesandsolar.co.uk – 1st class advice and guidance on my electrical system install https://stitchesandsteel.com – Seat covers, carpet, roof straps, changing mat Transporter HQ for my tailgate struts Kiravans for my Swivel Seats If your looking for some free places to stay, have a look at the Britstops book https://www.britstops.com Many choices of places to park up overnight and stay in their carparks including pubs, restaurants, adventure centres and even vineyards and breweries. Amazon Audible is great for listening to books on longer journeys, I have used it for years. Free 30 day trial – https://amzn.to/3Pj8qR6 Carista is available from Amazon https://amzn.to/3Ln58tu If you click on my Amazon affiliate links, I may receive a commission. I will only link products I use and believe in. Im a member of Devon & Cornwall Transporters. Have a look at the Facebook group and come along to meet the other friendly members #vanlife #vanlifeuk #campervan #transporter #vwbus #adventure #rv #rvlife #camper #vwcamper #camper #staycation #wildcamping #offgrid #travel

20 thoughts on “VW Transporter Camper Van plans for 2023. New Mods? New Van? New Adventures?

    1. Is that the one with the pull out under drawer? That is a good system. My problem with those types are you can put a bike in the back, otherwise most other items fit underneath. That is just a personal choice by me though. The pull out drawers are really good. Van-king.co.uk do one also

    2. @Staycation Lifestyle think you can get a bike in with the front wheel off ,I’ll have a look at the other site

    1. @Staycation Lifestyle yes the lift and slide is a sofa, then slides out into a bed with storage underneath

  1. Caravelle door cards all the way👍(so expensive as to be considered decadent! 🤣) and leather A & B pillars. Pretty sure you can purchase EOM black/ dark grey dash parts too.

    HNY btw.

    1. @Staycation Lifestyle Part numbers for titan black lower dash panels:

      7E6858008A 82V – Glovebox mount
      7E6858009A 82V – Glovebox
      7E2858365G AIZ – Centre trim panel
      7E0857925 82V – Bin/Cig socket piece
      7E2857151 82V – Fusebox cover
      7E2858904C 82V – Steering column trim panel
      WHT005735 – Glovebox hinge pin (x2)

      5E0947561 – Glovebox light switch
      1J0973119 – Light switch connector housing
      3B0816355 01C – Glovebox air vent valve

    2. Yea, I’ve got the Caravelle door cards. They’re really nice. I have the previous owner to thanks for fitting those! 💰

  2. I think it’s time you took a trip to Sturminster in Dorset and made an appointment to see Olly and tom at #vanhaven .a bayleaf green twin slider 204 dsg with a carbon pop top could be closer than you would think 🤟👍pop down and see what spectacular van they could build for you 😉

  3. I’m looking at a T5.1
    It has 102 brake horsepower, five speed tailgate, and two sliding doors
    But the only thing it worries me, it’s done 249,000 miles I was looking at putting £7000 offer
    But what worries me is the mileage what would you think?

  4. My brand new VW Transporter Highline SWB 150 DSG in Ravenna Blue just arrived to the dealership! I local company here in Ireland are going to perform a professional conversion in March. Really looking forward to have it ready!

  5. We fitted a massive strobe DRL you got to see it amazing. Door cards £1000 to recover them get Rach at more torque to cover it for you

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