ERMERGERD, did you people understand that Costco has elegant…

ERMERGERD, did you people understand that Costco has elegant AF wedding celebration rings ??? Not also joking, Costco simply marketed a ring that set you back $400,000! Undoubtedly Chris as well as I had to head there to attempt on all their wedding celebration rings … as well as get hummus, cheese, and also essentially whatever else in the shop. On the actual, Costco has an AMAZING selection of rings! Follow our WEDDING JOURNEY: INTERACTION VIDEO: … WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING: … WEDDING HAIR STYLES: … WEDDING MAKEUP TEST: … Let’s obtain SOCIAL! Adhere To Joslyn on Instagram Adhere To Joslyn on Twitter Comply With Chris on Instagram #Wedding #Engagement #EngagementRing Modified By: Alex Tzavalas Songs By: Epidemic Sound

19 thoughts on “ERMERGERD, did you people understand that Costco has elegant…

  1. I can say that one gets used to wearing an engagement ring in the $20-40 K range, and it doesn’t seem so bang after a while!

  2. No thanks, not for me. For a wholesale store, those prices are really inflated for the size and quality grades of the diamonds. You can get better quality for less money elsewhere.

  3. What a wife to have, She’s such a smart ass, I love her 🥰 we got a lot in common. She’s funny ! Women who have a sense of humor keep a couple laughing for a lifetime !

  4. Ay yo, yo ay, take it easy on the random decisions to just buy another engagement ring, or diamond jewelry “just ‘cuz.” I’d say pace out the upgrades or remount cycles every 5-10 years. The upgrade can be as low budget as improved clarity with same cut and weight, or as high budget as brighter white, better clarity, a fancier shape, and bigger weight, both of those combinations get expensive really fast. A remount essentially uses the original stone in a more stylized mounting or setting with either more metal, some sort of swirls wrapping around the central stone, with or without smaller additional diamonds in the setting. If you just want to buy more diamonds, after the ring, next logical sequence is a pendant, (still a single stone), then a set of stud earrings, then fiiiiiinally the mega-expensive tennis bracelet which has far more metal work, workmanship, and stones that have to match. I just gave you the economical hierarchy of women’s diamond jewelry. If you’re in LA, I’ll gladly concierge you throughout the process. I have years and years of experience in this.

  5. At the time of exchanging of vows the wedding band/ring goes on.
    Then after you’ve signed the wedding certificates you transfer your engagement from your right hand over to your left.
    That’s how British/Australian/NZ do it.

  6. Women wear bands without the engagement ring 💍. I do that often because the band means married. That’s all you need ❤ I actually have several bands for different purposes. Plain for daily use, especially working around the house and cooking/cleaning. Diamond band for nicer stuff and then a wedding set. Happy ring hunting 🎉❤

  7. That $20k ring will most likely be appraised at close to twice that price. That’s just one of Costcos guarantees. Been being jewelry from Costco for close to three decades now.

  8. Since I have never cared for monetary value and only ever like things that have meaning behind them, my partner made my engagement ring out of a simple band of brass.
    We met at a pew-pew show; he was in the Army and I grew up in the Army until I was 15; both of us love ammunition and we worked together for a few months as we became best friends. He used a piece of brass from the range we love going to and borrowed my silver ring I got in Alaska (our favorite state that we’ve both lived in), used the silver to shape the brass to the correct size, and then proposed the morning we went deer hunting.
    We’ve got a few years until we get married, but I can’t imagine having anything else as my wedding band.

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