Weston Day – And Happy 310th Birthday, Weston!

Weston Day – And Happy 310th Birthday, Weston!

The Owl is a little behind on her holiday commemoration news and forgot to wish Weston a happy 310th birthday on January 12. For some reason, schools were still in session and mail was delivered last Thursday, so I wasn’t the only one who forgot. The Owl missed the 300th birthday party held on January 12, 2013 by a year and a half–in 2013, the Owl family was still living in Brazil and blissfully unaware of fife and drum corps. Oh, just kidding, don’t get colonial crazy.

Weston Media Center has put out a special video with scenes from the tricentennial party in 2013. It’s kind of fun to see some of the titans of Weston all in one place – George Bates, Katty Chace, Pam Fox, Brian Donahue. And Isaac Jones looks pretty good for being 350ish years old. I also get a giggle to see the three Selectmen [sic] at the time because one of them would ask me not two years later how I spoke English so well given I had just moved here from Brazil. Sigh. And there are some bell ringers and other performers who are all grown up and at college or on the other side of it now.

Alice Peisch, our representative, was there as well as a state official who declared January 12, 2013 as “Weston Day.” I say it’s annual. I shall not forget again. After all, why not celebrate our independence from Watertown, a hard-fought and bloody battle? No wonder we can never get appointments at the RMV; they are still annoyed. This last bit is untrue–Watertown gladly welcomed our departure so they wouldn’t have to pay for the renovation of the JST. Oh just kidding again, Weston, my my.

Enjoy the video and let me add that if you are a Facebook follower, please check out the Weston Historical Society’s fun page which has just-about-daily posts now which are interesting and delightful, and based on the facts that escape the Owl. I think we need them to put these nuggets in a weekly newsletter, too, no? Just sayin’.

Happy 310, Weston!

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