Weston Education Association Rally Town Green – January 23

Weston Education Association Rally Town Green – January 23

The Owl has received word that the Weston Public Schools’ teacher’s union, the Weston Education Association, will be holding a rally on Town Green today, Monday, January 23 from 3:45 to 4:30 pm. The Owl’s main purpose in posting this information is to alert any drivers coming through the Intersection of Doom (Church/BPR/School) that there will be plenty of distractions. The permitted Owlet will not be attempting this intersection this afternoon.

A secondary reason for posting this is to encourage residents who have questions about the current situation, or the teachers’ perspectives on negotiations to stop by, bundled up in your best North Face jacket or coyote fur Canadian puffer, and ask questions. You may think you know what is going on, but it turns out you may not.

There is a site for WEA here with more information. There is also hope for a community information session in the near future.

Stay safe out there, teachers.

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