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This question comes up often: what does a Scrum Master do? The Scrum Guide stays very vague on this subject, giving just a few examples without going into detail. Learn the 7 Essential Scrum Master Skills for free: https://scrummastered.com/scrum-master-action-week-course/ Or enroll in The Fundamentals of Agile Coaching: https://scrummastered.com/agile-coaching-certification/ In this video, I’m uncovering the mystery for those of you who were wondering! Hopefully, it can help you understand the role to become a better Scrum Master (or maybe hire one).

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29 thoughts on “What do Scrum Masters do all day? | ScrumMastered

    1. I think developers are capable of doing that themselves, don’t you think? Scrum Master role goes much wider than that

    1. You mean the first part of the video where I talk about tasks that have nothing to do with the Scrum Master role?

    1. What MBA bullshit? I honestly have no idea what you mean so would appreciate an explanation (never attended MBA).

      As for your team respecting you for being a team lead.
      So is this “respect” based on the fact that you do their performance review at the end of the year?
      Would you be able to achieve the same level of respect without having any authority over them whatsoever?

      I believe that it’s the respect from people who are technically above you in the organization that truly is remarkable, not the one that just happens when you get direct reports.

  1. i am working in a factory . and everyone says i am really good with people and solving issues . and they said this is something i should try and do . but to say the truth i am scared i can fail . and i am on minimum wage and if i left my job and failed it would be hard to get another job . what i am getting at is . for someone of average intelligence . is this something i can do ?

    1. I think you should start with learning more about the subject, maybe attending a class or even a certification. It’s hard for me to say if you would be successful and actually enjoy doing it. It’s up to you to decide.

  2. Thank you so much for your video! It’s really helpful a lot. I have a question for you I did my MBA(10years back) and I have no job experience too. Now can I try a scrum master job? Please provide your suggestions.

    1. Well, that’s going to be a journey, I think.
      You can start with a class and certification (not necessary, of course). If there are some soft skills that you can put forward in your resume, than that can be helpful. But I’m not sure that you can immediately jump into this position with no job experience at all, but you can look for some volunteer opportunities, maybe, to get the relevant experience.

  3. I am in technical side now, almost 13 years. In what way will be useful getting scrum certificate? Pls give an idea.

    1. I think even if you are not planning on switching into a different role, you may want to get a PSM I or CSM I. What I see now is that more and more companies are adopting Agile and many implement Scrum, so it makes sense to know this stuff and show it to your potential employers.
      For example, if a company is already running Scrum, then when they hire new people to the team, it’s quite possible that they will prioritize people who have experience with it (or knowledge).
      When I work with Scrum Teams and we are hiring, I usually either ask to participate in a small part of the interview or ask developers to add some Agile and Scrum related questions to the interview.

  4. I went out this morning and there were guys collecting rubbish/trash bins. I ran back inside and re-emerged with my Kanban whiteboard, and said to them “we can find a better way if you just look as this board. This is Sylvia to show you how to dump the trash and Lydia will talk horseshit as it happens” …… I was smashed in the head with a spade. The rubbish got taken and put away.

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