Why Can’t We Time Travel? 🕒 #shorts #education

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17 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Time Travel? 🕒 #shorts #education

  1. I think it’s also important to point out it is still possible (though unlikely) that someone could’ve showed up to the party even though Hakwins didn’t announce it, yet that wouldn’t necessarily prove time travel is possible.

    1. That or Steven hawking was no longer relevant in history or this stunt he pulled could’ve been forgotten.

  2. My main issue with this experiment is that if time travel is possible it would be heavily restricted.
    You can’t just give *everyone* the ability to time travel. That would be a disaster. It’s more likely that if time travel is possible it would be a government secret. After all, time travel would be an insanely overpowered tool in warfare.

  3. Us time travelers are all introverts and don’t care for parties. Also Steven hawking cheats at board games and has to be right all of the time.

  4. So the chronology for this is Stephen Hawking decides to hold a time traveller party, he looks around him, sees he’s alone and thinks “I knew it. I’m right again”. 😹

  5. I feel like if we do go back in time, it’ll be something closer to interstellar, where we utilize the long distances and the difference sizes of planets to sort of shape the advancement of time as we please, although I’m not sure how we’d go back in time

  6. the only way we can get back into the past is if an alternate universe exists where it’s plot and setting is on our desired time location

  7. There were some video games where a toilet was used for time travel. Maniac Manor and Day of the Tentacle.

  8. Sometime in the near future, someone just jumps from a portal and panicky asks the nearest person, “I’m not late am I? Is this 2009? Did I miss the party with Stephen Hawking?”

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