Wild Table of Love | Pull up a stool and dine with the animals at Gillie and Marc’s latest public sculpture

Wild Table of Love | Pull up a stool and dine with the animals at Gillie and Marc’s latest public sculpture

The story behind the art installation in Paternoster Square, on show until May 2023.

Wild Table of Love by Gillie and Marc stands in Paternoster Square

Sculptures of familiar characters, Rabbitwoman and Dogman, have been spotted in cities across the world, bringing messages of love, acceptance and adventure. And for their latest stop… the City of London’s Paternoster Square. British-Australian artist duo Gillie and Marc have brought their beloved characters to host an animal banquet in the shadow of the British capital’s iconic St Paul’s Cathedral.

In a sculptural installation unveiled last summer, Dogman and Rabbitwoman share a feast with 10 of the world’s endangered animals: African elephant, hippo, Masai giraffe, koala, Bengal tiger, chimpanzee, Grevy’s zebra, Northern white rhino, lion, and mountain gorilla. The animal sculptures’ relaxed meal is in contrast to their real-life fight for survival. The bronze animals are perched on their own stools as they surround a table covered in crockery and food. Directly opposite the hosts are two empty stools, waiting for members of the public to take a seat. Although the sculpture is on show until the summer, they have recently been accompanied by a festive collection of fir trees over the Christmas period.

Pull up a stool…

  • The Wild Table of Love is on show now until May 2023. At Paternoster Square, St Paul’s, City of London, EC4M 7DX. Nearest stations: St Paul’s or City Thameslink. For more information, visit the Gillie and Marc website.

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